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What To Expect From This P2P

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Gnutella has quickly established itself as one of the most popular peer to peer file sharing networks on the World Wide Web. Gnutella, by the way, is pronounced with a silent ‘g.’ This pronunciation is based on M. Stallman’s famous pronunciation of GNU. The Gnutella client is a popular file sharing network. The Gnutella network was rated as the third most popular peer to peer file sharing system on the World Wide Web in December of 2005. Gnutella is said to have more than 2.2 million registered users although at times there are an estimated 750,00 to 1,000,000 users at any one time.

Why Are So Many Turning To Gnutella?
The Gnutella download has proved exceptionally popular with users for its ease of use and accessibility. The free Gnutella download, Gnutella lite, Gnutella 2007 and other Gnutella clients have made the peer to peer system very popular with users who enjoy debating the relative merits of Gnutella vs. Gnutella 2, the palm Gnutella client, and other prominent Gnutella servers. Part of the reason that Gnutella is so popular with users is that the Gnutella peer to peer file sharing system is accessible to a wide variety of computer platform systems. You can download Gnutella mac, pc, UNIX, and linux systems. Gnutella service is available to most computer users with enough room on their hard drive disk and enough memory to run the program.

The Basis Of Gnutella Peer To Peer File Sharing
The premise of the Gnutella peer to peer file sharing system is based on the basic premise of how the World Wide Web works and has always worked. The developers of the Gnutella peer to peer file sharing system say they are seeking a return to the basic principles of the World Wide Web. Returning to the basics of the Gnutella peer to peer file sharing system network involves arming its users with being able to arm themselves with the information they need when they need it. The Gnutella download software and the Gnutella host allows users to become familiar with what files are floating out there, find intriguing new kinds of music, artists, pictures, and other kinds of digital files.

The Origins Of Gnutella
The first protocol developed of Gnutella was developed by Nullsoft in 1999. Nullsoft was eventually acquired by AOL/Time Warner. It said that the developers of Gnutella ate lots of the Nutella food product while in development—hence its name.

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