Be the loving owner of your teacup pig

The craze of having a teacup pig is on a great rise these days. One must not underestimate these little creatures because apart from being very cute, these pigs are really intelligent and a loyal friend. You can also train them to perform some tricks or even have them guard your home while you are asleep. The teacup pigs are also famous by the name miniature pigs, thimble pigs and micro pigs. The reason for the name being ‘teacup’ is because a new born pig weighs around nine ounces and can be fitted perfectly into teacups. A fully grown teacup pig will weigh somewhere around sixty five to seventy pounds which is still very less than the weight of a farm pig.

The average lifespan of a teacup pig is fifteen years though the some death occurs even after five years of age. If you are planning to own a teacup pig then here are few tips which will give you a head start with being a good owner.

Keep a check on the amount of food your pig eats. Over eating can cause several health issues. Prepare a food chart and follow it.

Micro Pig

Have regular checkup of your pig at a veterinarian. This will make sure that the pig will live long and a healthy life.

Pigs tend to have very few sweat glands that are functional. Hence they cannot sweat much, which makes them prone to get heated up really too much. In order to prevent this, have lots of vegetables as well as fresh fruits included in your pet’s diet. Don’t forget to have a clean water bowl for the pig 24X7. This will also prevent urinary infections for your pet. You can also place a water pool for the pig to take a quick dip.…